7 Retirement Planning Tips to Help You Fund Your Golden Years

5. Boost Retirement Savings

In 2015, GOBankingRates asked financial planners and retirement experts for their favorite strategies to increase retirement savings. Here are three pointers from “17 Clever Ways to Save More for Retirement”:

  • Get your employer’s 401k match
  • Automate contributions
  • Put pay raises toward retirement

6. Talk to a Certified Financial Planner

Even the most motivated of savers can sometimes get stymied by the details involved in managing their own money. In “21 Signs You Need Help Managing Your Money,” GOBankingRates identified 21 signs you could use the help of a financial planner, including:

  • Your bank balance is always low
  • You’re tapping savings for daily expenses
  • You’ve lost track of investment accounts
  • You don’t understand investments you’ve made

Not sure how to find a financial planner? Read GOBankingRates’ “How to Find a Certified Financial Planner” to learn about what you should look for in a CFP and what questions you should ask, and to understand fee structures.

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